Friday, April 24, 2015

Now that I am William's wife, it's time to learn how to be a wife too:

Advice for Married Women.....

1) Show love in ways your spouse needs you to
2) Be happy
3) Give without expectation of return
4) Find ways to make your spouse feel special


A) Taking your partner for granted.
B) Not being there when they need you. Thus oh!he or she can wait, or it is not so important.
C) Not listening. Start paying attention to comments made. Listen to what the partner has to say and be compassionate.
D) Not sharing: many partners keep to themselves, they do not tell their mates what bothers them, problems at work, school and so forth.
E) Not spending time together: many partners do not do things together, they think the other may not be interested or will not participate because he/she does not care.