Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Raw Talent: 
Software & Web Sites

Note: download.com is a really good site (they rate and evaluate every software they post so I like it), when downloading, just say no to the ads and install or use revo to uninstall if you accidentally install something....

(i) Extract Audio using Youtube Downloader
I don't go hunting for mp3s, I just rip them from youtube mostly.... you just have to extract the audio.....which can be done by downloading the flv file and extracting the mp3....
(www.keepvid.com to download .flv and extract audio using YouTube Downloader 
if from vevo else omit keepvid.com)

Free MP3 Cutter for Ringtones
Don't like to pay or buy software or ringtones? make your own.....I use an mp3 cutter to make mine......

(ii) Malewarebytes
You don't learn to use a computer without crashing your system at least a dozen times and when you do, very few programs actually help......
Norton detected the problem, wished me luck and crashed my system......(when I was a child and I haven't touched it since)..... 

(iii) BackTrack
Whoever wrote this is, in my book, a genius..... 

(iv) Revo Uninstaller

to completely uninstall programs

(v) Virtual Box
use to learn and crash systems virtually

(vi) www.isohunt.com
the best site for torrents, has plenty of seeders too

(vii)  BS Player and Ace mega Codec Pack

plays anything and everything

(viii) Adobe - from Reader to Photoshop


(ix) for mp3s, mostly Indian - www.coolgoose.com

-music -> world (pick language)